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The tool that allows you to finally know the perception of others

Free, simple, quick and especially… anonymous


(Questionnaire 1)

Employer attractiveness

(Questionnaire 2)

360 classic

(Questionnaire 3)

360 mutual

(Questionnaire 4)
Choose from these 4 types of questionnaires.
Easily create questions to ask those you want to know their opinion.
The interface is intuitive, it's easy and fast.
The respondants will receive an email allowing them to answer anonymously and securely.
Once the scores are collected, the evaluated people will be alone to receive a confidential email that indicates their personal score.

How it works

a 5-step process


Test the simulation Choose survey type and enter its title


Test the simulation Define the dimensions to be evaluated and the rating system


Test the simulation Define who will express their opinion


Test the simulation Set options and response time before sending each respondent a confidential email that recalls the rules of the game and privacy


Test the simulation Once all the answers are received or the deadline is set, each evaluated person receives a confidential email with a link to his personal scores

Why choose  EazyMirror  

Comparison with the competition

 EazyMirror   360 Survey SoftwareOnline surveys
(eg SurveyMonkey)
Online surveys
(eg SurveyMonkey)
360 Survey Software
Free version that allows unrestricted customization ?
Anonymity and confidentiality
Anonymity of respondents guaranteed??
Impossibility for the hierarchy or HR to have access to results other than average scores for all people assessed in bulk??
Unable to link a respondent to what they responded to (even for site managers)??
Each person evaluated may be the only one to receive their personal score with the anonymous average of the others
When creating the survey, irrevocable definition of who has access to the scores
Respondents are informed in the questionnaire that they receive only those who will have access to the scores
Design of each survey
Anyone can create a free, customized survey without the need for a license or facility for the entire organization?
Custom questions written during the creation in the free version ?
Confidential and free measure of the level of commitment aroused by a manager with his teams
Confidential and free evaluation of a person by responders (360 individual)
Mutual confidential evaluation (360 mutual: several respondents evaluate each other)
Survey Management
Unlimited number of questions
Unlimited survey number
Each respondent can only answer once?
Ability to send a reminder message to those who have not yet responded?


Guaranteed Anonymity


Each respondent receives an invitation with a personal url-link to the survey that is associated with the respondent email address


Tes respondents are informed in the invitation of who will see the average results. Viewers of the results cannot be changed once the invitations have been sent


As soon as the respondent has posted her/his vote, the answers are stored in separate Management Boosters database which does not contains any link to the respondent.


Since the answer is stored without any linkage with the respondent, nobody can know who has answered/voted what


By default, the answers are totally anonymous -- even in the very unlikely event that Management boosters' database gets hacked


We can therefore technically guarantee that there is no linkage between the answer and the one who gave it (the respondent)


All the votes are aggregated so that the person being evaluated can only see the avarage result for each question in her/is report


If comparison over time is desired, the average results for the person beoing evaluated can be stored in our database, and of course without any indication of who voted

Pricing and Plans

PRICEFor individualsFor professionalsFor companies
FreeCHF 2.-- / additional scoreOn request
CORPORATEFor companies
On request
COMPLETEFor professionals
CHF 2.-- / additional score
FREEFor individuals
Unlimited number of surveys
Unlimited number of respondents
Unlimited number of questions
Sending questionnaires by e-mail
Immediate results (recalculated on each display)
Secure access with personal login
Interface in several languages
Notification email (end of survey and access to scores)
Weighting of questions possible
Importing questions (proposed set in a library)
Basic report: average
Basic report: weighted average score for all questions
Detailed report: average score for each question
Notification email (follow-up on response + relaunch)
Self-evaluation (private)
Exporting data
Importing respondents
Importing the organizational chart
Additional filters in reports
Custom report (inc: logo and image background)
Follow-up of the participation rate
Hierarchized questionnaires
Creation of a survey in several languages
Multiple account management
Users management
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This site has been created by a group of 4 ''students'' (Benoît, Roberto, Lionel et Daniel) of Romandie Formation's MicroMBA on the idea from Management Boosters.
 EazyMirror   is now managed by Getratex SA, a Swiss company active since 1957

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About  EazyMirror  
This site has been created by a group of 4 ''students'' (Benoît, Roberto, Lionel et Daniel) of Romandie Formation's MicroMBA on the idea from Management Boosters.
 EazyMirror   is now managed by Getratex SA, a Swiss company active since 1957

Web App programming:

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Privacy Policy
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