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Free, simple, quick and especially… anonymous

Easily create questions to ask those you want to know their opinion. The interface is intuitive, it's easy and fast

They will receive an email allowing them to answer anonymously and securely

Once the scores are collected, the evaluated people will be alone to receive a confidential email that indicates their personal score

Classical 360

Mutual 360

Many-to-One Many-to-Many

How it works

A 5-step process


Set Survey

Choose survey type and enter its title


Write the questions

Define the dimensions to be evaluated and the rating system


Add respondents

Define who will express their opinion


Send invitations

Set options and response time before sending each respondent a confidential email that recalls the rules of the game and privacy


Discover your score

Once all the answers are received or the deadline is set, each evaluated person receives a confidential email with a link to his personal scores


Anonymity Certified logo

By default, the answers are totally anonymous
With the agreement of the totality of the respondents, the anonymity can however be raised. It is enough that a respondent is opposed anonymously for that the answers remain anonymous for all

We can guarantee technically that there is no link between the answer and the one who gave it. This is the same principle as for a vote: the voter receives a nominative voting card (to check that he votes only once), but an anonymous ballot.
It is thus impossible to go back to the author of the answer


About us

This site has been created by a group of 4 "students" (Benoît, Roberto, Lionel and Daniel) of Romandie Formation's MicroMBA on the idea of Getratex.


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