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Send invitations


Score du niveau d’engagement suscité par Simon

"5"  [4]

Who will receive the results

Sending of his personalized report to the person evaluated (Simon <>)
Sending the consolidated report to myself
Note: if this option is not checked, you will not be able to see the report but only manage sending the personalized reports to evaluees
Sending reports to an external person (eg a coach)
Each team member will receive an email with unique link to the poll. It can only be answered once.
For the sake of transparency, respondents will also be notified of who will receive these results. As a result, it will no longer be possible to modify this choice once the questionnaires have been sent

Additional parameters

Announced due date
This is the 1st deadline for responding to the questionnaire, it will be communicated to respondents in the invitation email.
Closure date
After this date, respondents will no longer be able to participate in the survey.
If necessary, you can still modify this date afterwards, as long as it has not expired.
You will be offered to pay once emails are sent

You can enter below a global question (e.g to ask improvements on survey) that will only be asked once per survey.

Use your own email address: ( will be used instead of ( to send the messages.

Questions' list

En faisant abstraction des conditions cadre de l’organisation sur lesquelles Simon n’a pas beaucoup d’emprise, veuillez donner votre opinion sur les points suivants qui concernent son leadership personnel:
1 -Indépendamment de ses compétences professionnelles, à quel point Simon vous donne envie par son leadership de donner le meilleur de vous-même dans votre travail ?
2 -A quel point encourageriez-vous des candidats qui envisagent de travailler pour Simon à postuler ?
3 -A quel point souhaitez-vous continuer à être dirigé par Simon en raison de son leadership (donc indépendamment de ses compétences professionnelles) ?


All / None
You can avoid sending the email to someone by unchecking her/his box